Invertebrate Nov 2nd (Mau, Jae Luna, Toobin, TESHA)


On Friday night, a collection of artists gathered in Berlin, a small bar in New York City. Mau, Jae Luna, Toobin, and TESHA, each played a set. The four, eclectic sounds, the red lights, and the Manhattan energy of a Friday, combined for an unforgettable night. Many of the artists are multimedia creators, and these four music crews should be watched.


TESHA creates an unapologetic electronic sound – sick of the music scene today, that is hyper-focused on drugs and exes, she strives to create music that speaks to emotions and truly tries to make a difference. When asked about the type of music she wants to make she says, “Music is supposed to heal things, and no one seems to be doing anything about it.” Growing up in Israel, TESHA (Neta) knew that she wanted to make music from the age of 7. After starting with piano, transitioning to voice, and making a move to Berlin and later NYC, TESHA is now a developed producer, songwriter, performer, and artist. Her next show is Wednesday, November 7th, with Graham Van Pelt—if you are in New York City, swing by. You won’t regret it.


Jae Luna grew up as a classical musician in southern California. After working with piano and violin he transitioned into voice and wrote some songs in high school. However, after taking a class that introduced the basics of electronic music production in his freshman year of college, Jae Luna blossomed into the complex electronic musician he is today. He still has piano prevalent in his music, and the undertones of his classical training, and hopes to incorporate violin in his future endeavors. After he graduates from NYU (where he is studying music) he hopes to stay in NYC, and focus on bringing the element of his song writing and eclectic musical background to the forefront of his current music. With diverse inspirations, from Fall Out Boy to Bjork, Jae Luna has a deep respect for and aspiration to original sounds. Listen to more of his soothing, complex, reverberating sounds here.



Toobin broke from the electronic theme of the two earlier musicians. With inspiration from Gillian Welch, Frank O’Hara’s poetry, Mitski, and Mild High Club, this guitarist and drummer produce an nimble and angular, gritty sound. The two members were connected through a mutual friend and vibe like peanut butter and jelly, and as Tommy (the guitarist and singer) works to develop his voice, the two have a well-meshed creative process that brings out the best in both of them. Ben, the drummer, is a self taught guitarist and bassist as well, currently working on individual projects (under the name Benjo - here) and another band (Substitute) in addition to his love for Toobin. The two are committed to advancing within the music scene over the next year as both are truly hitting their stride within their individual, musical development. Watch for them at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, in 2019. 

Mau grew up between the UK and Kenya, and while he currently studies film at NYU he is an accomplished singer/songwriter and photographer. Inspired by Donald Glover and his multimedia ability, Mau says, “He’s not always crisp or polished, but always genuine.” As his sound continues to develop and he has more opportunities to create film and music videos, his followers will continue to see the surrealist intersection Mau sees in his own work, between the conscious and the subconscious, the normal and the out of place. As a multimedia creator, he hopes to continue in NYC post graduation, thriving in the creative incubator he has built for himself throughout his years in the city. His hauntingly uplifting music can be found here

Paloma Secunda