Evan Nachimson, Treya Lam, and Ess See


This past Thursday, in Chelsea, three acts played a small, acoustic concert. Put on by Sofar Sounds, the show brought together Evan Nachimson, Treya Lam, and Ess See. 


Treya Lam is a true New York City native. After attending school in Florida, where she studied music and business, she returned to New York and has stayed since. Trained as a classical musician (violin and viola), she grew up listening to classical and religious music before diversifying her musical palette in college. She currently describes her sound as chamber folk—storytelling through song accompanied by classical arrangements.

Although she wrote and played music for her whole life, it wasn’t until 2015 that she went “all in”. Personal tragedy struck when her mother passed, causing her to ask if not now, when? Without fear, she was able to throw herself into her craft and has just completed her first tour—carving herself a sizable space in the music industry she was afraid wouldn’t have any room for her. She is currently a part of the Resistance Revival Chorus, a branch of the Women’s March, and is passionate about current events.

While in high school she would have described her music as sad and angsty, and in college she would have described it as angry, she now describes her music as hopeful, saying, “I feel like I have changed to a be more hopeful, but not overly optimistic. Still recognizing that things are not all sunshine and rainbows and there is a lot of work to do, but trying to inject some hope into these things going on today as well. When the state of the country felt good, it was appropriate to call out all the bullshit. This was an OK time to be angry. And now, I feel like my responsibility is to remind people that things are going to be okay. And that we have a lot of work ahead of us, and now is the time for us, especially the next generation to step up, so we can shape the world we want to live in.”

With a truly unforgettable voice, she is worth following. A recent music video can be found here. But most importantly, if you are in the New York City area, she plays a show TODAY – Tuesday, November 20th, at Joe’s Pub. GO! You can find more info at her instagram @treyalam.



Evan Nachimson is an infectious performer. Originally from a small town outside of Baltimore, his music is a layering of Indie, Rock and R&B, and he has been training his songwriting craft for over a decade. When asked how his music has evolved over time he joked, “I mean, it has surprisingly gotten better.” But more seriously, he says the music flows through him, making it easier for him to make something a little bigger than himself every time he sits down to create.

He started playing guitar as a child, when he was looking for an escape, and music has been a safe outlet for him ever since. He writes what he wants to hear, focusing on creating songs that will make people feel valid, and know that where they are in life at that moment is okay. He says, “I start my process with that in mind and that as my essential question—how can I be in a way that people see themselves in my art? The sound somewhat circles out from there.”

He is currently writing a book, set to come out next year. Alongside he will record an audiobook, and pair it with a number of songs that he has composed. He is in the processes of recording and editing at the moment. The book is about finding a future in your 20s, losing someone and finding the gifts and grief along the way. In addition, he plays another show on December 14th at a speakeasy—the password and information for the show will be on his instagram @enachmusic. 


ess see.jpg

The last performer was Ess See—a predominantly pop artist that played an acoustic set. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, she attended Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where she studied graphic design. After graduating she lived in DC for a year and a half before making the move up to NYC. That being said, her time in the DC area was critical to her musical development.

While working a job in graphic design, she met a guitarist that used to tour with Salt-n-Pepa, who introduced her to working in a studio as well as production. It took some years after moving to the city before Ess See went into music full time, and she is currently finishing up her first album, set to come out next year. Surrounded by a brilliant dancer, producer, and guitarist, and many inspiring musicians she is trying to learn more about the production part of her creative process, hoping to be able to solo-create a project from start to finish in the future, with the help of the brilliant circle of creatives around her.

After working with a band, and friends, her latest products have been on her own—namely the EP that she started recording in 2015-2016. Her most recent music video will be released on Friday—premiering on her instagram, and on a number of corporate partner’s as the song focuses on Ess See’s own experiences in the advertising industry and as a graphic designer. Her instagram can be found @ess_see_nyc. She is playing a show at Come on Everybody this Friday (Black Friday) at 8PM (the night the music video premiers). Her work can be found on youtube and spotify.

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