Harriet Popham

Harriet Popham is a brilliant illustrative textile designer based in Somerset, England who works in both print and embroidery, using a variety of media. Whether you are looking at her enchanting illustrations, her intricate embroidery, or her bold fabrics, it is apparent that her inspiration stems from the ordinary. Popham breathes life and vitality into these familiar objects through her use of a bold color palette and varying textures.



“My work is a celebration of surroundings playfully put together with a lot of time and love!”

It is evident that Popham spends a considerable amount of time completing each project. Her excitement and passion for the arts is displayed in the quality and creativity of each piece; careful consideration and attention to finer details are what set her work apart from most. At Crzy Lvrs, we seek out artists whose work inspires us to take on a new perspective of the world we live in. Popham’s cheerful display of ordinary objects are a perfect example of someone who takes a normal object and makes it inspiring. For more artists like this, check back every Monday to see who has inspired us this week.

Check out more of her artwork here