Eugenia Loli


Eugenia Loli, a California based artist, is most famously known for her psychedelic collages. These modern vintage pieces toy with the viewers mind, providing the world with a glimpse into her boundless imagination. Since leaving the technology field in 2011, Loli has submersed herself into the world of art. Whether satirical or serious, disturbing or thought provoking, Eugenia strives for meaning and narrative to live within her illustrations. She seems to be especially inspired by the illusions of magical realism and surrealism, which can be seen throughout her various collages and illustrations.


As the imagination of the artist and the imagination of the viewers are blended, a unique story comes from each mind, allowing Loli’s art to be a personal and unique expedition of the mind for everyone who has the chance to view her art. The majority of Eugenia’s art can be found here